The other day I wrote about struggling with my yoga practice & my prayer practice and the combination there of.   And that this is the very topic of the next retreat on March 23rd; prayer.  Today I rediscovered a great poem that I can really relate to these days.  I thought you might enjoy too.  It’s from a little book called “Go In and In; Poems From the Heart of Yoga”, by Donna Faulds.  (I apologize for the lack of formatting… my issue, not the poems)

It Doesn’t Always Smell Like Roses

This body is not flowing with liquid energy, no, and this mind is not awash with peace.  I fight myself in every posture, muscles shriek, fear freezes bone and a sure sense of failure grows.

This too is practice, this ground where grief gains the upper hand, and anger casts dark shadows.  This, the flip side of delight is as much the point as any pleasure — this is breathing into life.

Peace on your head.


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