A very clever title about being stuck and unstuck.


The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct  acting from inner necessity.  C.G. Jung

I have been shoulding on myself to write this blog post for about 3 days past forever. I keep putting it off in the hopes that folding the laundry will inspire me, or maybe I’ll find the right words in that Facebook article some interesting person posted (let me scroll through every post of the last 72 hours as research). I just don’t have anything to say. There is no witty and colorful play on words in my head. I’m flat. Gray. Blah.

This is what I need to tell you – the next Daily Bread Yoga Retreat is in collaboration with artist and mindfulness instructor, Suzanne Loechl. She will give an introduction to The Artist’s Way, a 12 week class that she is leading this summer.  The class is based on a book called The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.  It is a class/book to try and pry you out of the ditch, flatland, mountain peak, rushing river, desert, or where ever you find yourself currently stuck.

I will be signing up for the class because I really need the accountability that comes from other people showing up and their expectation that we are actually participating in the process, not just learning about it. I have owned the book The Artist’s Way for more than 10 years.  I have read it at least once and often look it over, picking out great quotes like the one above.  But I have never DONE it.  I have learned about it. I like it.  I can say to other people that I know what it is and even recommend it. But, I have not ever participated in The Artist’s Way. It’s like going to your favorite restaurant, over and over again, to read the menu, but never eat the food.  That’s just dumb.

I am going to participate in Suzanne’s group because I feel settled & stuck in this wide open prairie. I need a few hills to force me to work harder, get my heart pumping. I want to feel the other side of that hill; the thrill from accomplishment, progression, ease, effort, and growth. Maybe you are more disciplined than I am and can do this on your own.  I have owned this book for too long and treated it like a decoration in my book case. I need the group accountability. I need a guide and a leader to challenge me to really participate, not just learn about it.

How about you? If you are curious, interested, and/or stuck, then come to the next Daily Bread Yoga Retreat at Philo Presbyterian Church, Saturday May 7th, 9a.m.-noon.  This retreat is appropriate for All Bodies and all levels of yoga experience and inexperience. There will be plenty of the physical work of yoga mixed in with The Artist’s Way introduction and I will make sure that it is accessible for everyone. Especially you.

If you plan to be there (bring a friend!) please let me know. You can reply on here or email me at dailybreadyoga@gmail.com. Please bring a yoga mat (or borrow one from me), a blanket, and a bottle of water. And a pen!  I take a break from retreats over the summer, so this will be the last one until the fall! This will be such a great way to start summer! And if you can’t come to the retreat but are interested in participating in The Artist’s Way group with Suzanne this summer, let me know and I will get her in touch with you.


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