actually, just be quiet.

Tomorrow is the next Daily Bread Yoga retreat.  It’s not too late to decide to come! 🙂  The topic of the morning will be Prayer & Yoga; connecting with God on & off the mat.

I think for most of us, we think we feel so good and refreshed after yoga, because of the physical benefits.  But, I think we also are rejuvenated by having some quiet time without the constant sensory stimulation on the internet, magazines, books, radio, t.v., friends, family, work, food….whatever it is.  What a treat it is to just close your eyes during yoga, yet not be trying to fall asleep!

I think turning away from all the brain, eye, ear candy (to say nothing of actual candy!) is what keeps me from taking time to be quiet and “go in”.  My natural default is to read a book or an article about prayer & meditation as opposed to just doing it.  There are so many opportunities for growth and deeper reflection from other people’s experience of prayer & meditation, that I forget about my own.

But, tomorrow we are going to not talk  much at all about prayer & meditation.  We are going to do it, a lot.  We will knock on several different doors, hoping that one or two of them might open up a connection with God.  And maybe you won’t have a burning bush experience.  But, at least you’ll get to just be quiet for a little bit and close your eyes even.  And breath so much you might swear you are hearing angels sing.  Who knows?

Please come.  Tomorrow (Saturday, March 23rd), 9a.m.-noon at Philo Presbyterian Church in Philo, IL (just a few blocks off hwy 130/High Cross Rd).  Cost is $20.   Bring your yoga mat or borrow one of mine.  Bring a bottle of water to drink and maybe a blanket to sit on.  If you have any questions, let me know.   And by all means, bring your friends and family.  Lord knows, we all need it.

Peace on your head,


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