Chairish Yoga Retreat this Saturday!

This Saturday will be the first Chairish Yoga Retreat!  I could not be more excited.  I love Chair yoga and from now on will only refer to it as “Chairish Yoga” (do I need to trademark this?!), because I do cherish it, and because we use the chair only as a way to support our practice, but it’s just not all about a chair, it’s chair-ish.  Get it?

I really love teaching all kinds of yoga, but Chairish Yoga holds a special place in my heart, because it was such a surprising gift to discover.  I didn’t learn about it in my teacher training, nor had I ever taken a class before.  It isn’t really a “sexy” class to teach, like hot or power yoga.

But, once I started teaching it, my ideas changed.  I was humbled and (ironically) amazed by how good Chairish felt.  I was more than a little surprised to feel such a difference after class, in my body, mind, and especially in my spirit.  What I think especially changed my perception of Chairish was the students themselves.  They were so eager to try new things, be challenged, learn about the deeper dimensions of yoga, and they were so GRATEFUL.  So incredibly grateful.

If I wasn’t convinced of the healing potential of yoga before, Chairish Yoga convinced me many times over.  I can see the students stand up taller, have greater balance and flexibility, and express a deeper sense of calm, confidence, and overall well-being.

Chairish Yoga “works” more than I had ever imagined.  Surely you know someone who would like to try yoga but for a wide variety of reasons (back pain, illness, chronic pain,  injury, aging process, just don’t want to) the idea of getting up and down from the floor too many times keeps them from trying it.  Encourage them to try Chairish Yoga and come to the retreat this weekend.  Assure them that I am really not scary.  I don’t want them to get hurt or look foolish either.  I promise, no one will think that you are “old” for doing Chairish yoga.  We will all think you are awesome for showing up at all.

Chairish Yoga; For Everyone & Their Mother retreat is this Saturday, 9:30-11:30a.m. at Philo Presbyterian Church (105 E. Jefferson St., Philo, 61864 – just off High Cross Rd./Hwy 130).  The cost of the retreat is $20 (cash or check only) to be paid that morning.  Please bring a blanket and a bottle of water.  And please let me know if you are coming and how many friends you are bringing with you! 🙂

Peace on your head,


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