Check out the renewed schedule starting Jan. 5

Hi All…

this is just a post-it note to say HEY! Go to the Weekly Classes tab and check out all the new classes starting in January.  If you are not local, sorry about that. Make a pilgrimage to Chambanlandia.  I must say, Champaign’s public library is a “destination library”.  Honest to goodness, it is.  And then you can do yoga with all of us.

Those of you who are local, know that there will be no Daily Bread Yoga classes during the weeks of Dec. 22 or Dec. 29th.  Practice those 5 Tibetans or 5 Chambanas! 🙂

As they say on the airlines, I understand that you have many really wonderful choices for yoga in this community and I am grateful to pieces when you choose to practice with Daily Bread Yoga.  Thank you.

And so much peace and kindness on your head,


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