Wednesday WorkIN – Make the routine ROUTINE.


Meditation Mantra of the Month – TAPAS – determination, willingness/heat generating activity to “burn off the rubbish”

Your invitation for this month is to choose an activity to generate your TAPAS! Maybe it will be walking for 15 minutes a day – Jumping Rope for 5 minutes – Swimming for 20 minutes – Dancing in the kitchen for 10 minutes. Whatever it is make it tangible, and bite-sized so that you don’t get caught in all or nothing thinking, or even making it a GOAL. It needs to already be attainable – not in the distant future if you do it correctly.

So, here’s the practice for today.

Make the routine ROUTINE. Decide how long, when, where, and what you will do. Decision fatigue is real. Make the decisions in advance so you don’t have to even think about it. You just do what you already planned to do.

The 5 Tibetans is a classic yoga daily practice that is an easy and memorable routine. Here is a video of the basic routine of The 5 Tibetans.

  • Make it your own by finding the Sweet Spot number of repetitions for your practice.
  • Practice it the “traditional” method by starting at 3 repetitions of each pose for the first week, then 5, 7, 9, until you get to a week of 21 repetitions of each pose.

What are you going to do this month to burn off the rubbish? I want to know. And how will you make the routine ROUTINE?

  • Rachel Bass-Guennewig

    My Tapas plan is to practice on my Feet Up Trainer for 5 minutes every day. I'm making the routine routine by doing it at 1:30p.m. (after lunch when the dog takes a nap) and finding a song on my phone that is about 5 minutes long. For now I'll do what feels good on it!

  • Heidi Zulauf-Mulderink

    I will be walking with my dog for 1 mile a day unless it's too cold. If it is, she and I will work for 15 minutes from Rachel's All Together Now book!