Wednesday WorkIN – Reset and Move On!


9 Obstacles On The Way

  1. Illness/Injury
  2. Lethargy
  3. Doubt
  4. Impatience
  5. Resignation/Fatigue
  6. Distraction
  7. Ignorance/Arrogance
  8. Inability to take a new step
  9. Loss of confidence

So, what is getting in the way of doing Your Work? What do you keep slowing down for, tripping up on, and getting all bewildered by in doing The Thing you mean to do??

My TAPAS (determination/heat generating activity to burn off the rubbish) is to get on my Feet Up Trainer everyday, for at least 5 minutes.  Last week I completely forgot. Entirely forgot the activity and commitment that I started. Yes. This week? Well, I did it today. In part because I was committed to writing this Wednesday WorkIN and I don’t want to let myself down. (Thank You, Rachel)

My obstacle today was a blend of impatience & distraction. I felt too frazzled and distracted by everything. By my kids, By the ever-present, looming awareness that I need to make dinner. By my 6 month old puppy who has Not A Drop Of Chill in her at all, and is just really a 6 month old puppy, for real. I was way too frazzled to calm the heck down and do that upside down work that I said I needed.

SO – Here’s what I did to show up. I took a few mental steps back and just noticed that my heart and mind were all racey feeling and not settled At All. I needed to reset my body so my brain could Move On.

A 5 Minute Reset To Move One With Your Day!

  1. I did a few cat-cow stretches.
  2. I did child pose (toes curled under to stretch my stiff feet) for a few breaths.
  3. I got on my back and did a huge, moan-inducing, full body stretch.
  4. I put my feet flat on the floor, wider than hip-width apart, and took my knees side to side.
  5. I sat up on the floor, set my phone timer for 3 minutes and shut up. And counted my breath and looked at the back of my eyelids.

And THEN — I got up and did the work that I mean to do! I got up on that Feet Up Trainer and it felt so good.

Here’s The Practice

  • take a few steps back and survey the scene. What is really going on? What is tripping you up?
  • Do the 5 Minute Reset above, including the 3 minute shut up.
  • Then Do The Work That Is Yours To Do.

Then tell me all about it!