Doing yoga like it’s my job.

Up until now Daily Bread Yoga has felt more like a sweet little side job, like a paper route,  that I thoroughly enjoy and provides a much needed break from my primary work of being a mom to two little girls.

Starting next week I’ll be offering 8 classes, weekly.  Beyond imagining how hungry and stinky I will be after all that yoga, I also just wonder how it’s all going to go.  Will it be a huge bust?  Will anyone show up? Was this the dumbest idea ever?

There’s also this odd shift in how I see myself.  Starting tomorrow I am teaching a lot of yoga.  It feels like I have given up the paper route to actually go to work making the newspaper happen.  This yoga shtick is now what I “do”.  I am a yoga instructor.  It’s my job.  I have taken this leap of faith and thereby choose and declare that this is who I am and who I am becoming.

Some of you might be thinking, “hasn’t she been teaching yoga for quite a while? What is her problem?”.  You are right and yet somehow I always compare myself to all Those Yoga Instructors who own studios with lots of windows, have websites with music and pictures of them doing wildly difficult poses.  I feel so different from them that I easily come to the conclusion that I am not  a “real” yoga instructor; I’m a stay at home mom who teaches yoga sometimes.

I’m going to go out on a limb, but I am guessing there are some ways in your life that you also don’t take yourself seriously and resist identifying as a runner, a cook, an artist, a mentor, a writer, an athlete, a leader, a _________.  Maybe despite being interested in yoga, you think you are horrible at it (whatever that means for you?) and so you are not one of “those” people who go to a yoga class.  Or maybe you go to a yoga class several times a year and really love it but, you just aren’t one of those people who have a regular practice.  You might be right.  But, what if you’re wrong?  What if you are becoming that person and therefore already ARE that person?

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be teaching yoga because it is my job.  It’s what I do.   What about you?  How about you practice yoga with me every week, because it’s what you do and who you are.  Practicing yoga is a regular part of your life.  Be that person.  How about that?

Check out the schedule for weekly classes to find what works best for you to actually do it.  Maybe sign up for the 6 week Daily Series.  This will be a class that goes deeper into the practice of yoga in order to integrate it into your daily life.  This is not an intro class and some basic experience with yoga poses is assumed.

Do you have questions or concerns?  Need some encouragement or a kick in the pants?  Write me – I want to support you in making this happen!  I hope to see you tomorrow or later this week!

peace on your head,



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