Facebook funk and my best intentions

I have Facebook Funk.  It’s comparable to that jittery, unstable feeling from too much coffee or the brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast.  The uncomfortable side effect of too much of something you enjoy.  I check on all your Facebook updates many times a day, wishing and hoping you would write another witty one-liner that makes me giggle or sparks in me a clever comment in reply.  Aha! Those moments feel great, but you people are not updating your status so often.  And yet I still spend time trolling, in the hope that someone will give me a morsel to chew on all day.  I have started to realize that it is not bringing me joy, but instead a generally unpleasant, lethargic, non-creative, critical, crabby mood.  It’s Facebook Funk and I’m tired of it.  It’s time to make a change (yes, Michael Jackson is singing in the background for me too).

I think that Facebook itself is not the problem, I like Facebook.  The problem is that I’m not doing other things that actually would or do bring me some joy, peace, and levity, because I’m taking 15 minutes here and there to check in and stalk.

Here’s my plan, I’m not going to stop checking Facebook entirely,  but I am going to reclaim the 15 minutes or more to do little things that I also really want to do.  Like unpack my house and get settled in.  Write letters to my friends.  Read books.  Find new music.   These are all things that I know make me feel great afterwards, like when you drink a glass of water or eat an orange.  As opposed to Facebook, which feels right now like the mental & spiritual equivalent to eating a bag of Cheetos.

So, I will still occasionally check Facebook and will be thrilled each time you update your status or share a wacky YouTube video with me.  I hope you will too, because your are most likely reading this on Facebook. Thank you.

But, I really want to feel better.  Enough with the Cheetos.  I’ll have another glass of water and be grateful for the occasional Cheetos. (The spell-check won’t let me do a singular version of the word “Cheetos” – which will forever remind me of how difficult it is to eat just one or look at Facebook for just a minute)

This is, of course, a segue to plug the next Daily Bread Yoga retreat on Saturday, Jan. 26th, 9a.m.-noon at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Urbana.  $20.  The topic will be about setting “intentions” for this coming year, or maybe the month, or maybe even just the day.  Not so much resolutions, but intentions.  What do you want to be about? To feel? To change?  and most importantly, WHY????  It seems like the best time for me to decide to make changes or go in new directions (and actually follow through on them) is when I honestly feel good — so let’s do some yoga together to feel strong & healthy and then make plans to keep it going on all those other days.

I would love to spend the morning with you.  Let me know if you’ll be joining us or if you have any questions.

peace on your head,


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