Finding balance. Catching a minnow. Same thing.

The next Daily Bread Yoga Saturday Morning Retreat is October 27th, 9a.m.-noon, St. Matthew’s Lutheran church (2200 S. Philo Rd., Urbana).  You should come.  Actually, I don’t want to SHOULD on you.  Come if you want.  If not, that’s all good too. There are so many great things to do on a Saturday morning (including this yoga retreat).

This month we will be chewing on the topic of finding balance on the mat and off.  For me, finding balance is tad bit over- idealized and kind of like the loch ness monster that you think you maybe got a glimpse of one summer when the light was just right and you were on vacation.

Finding balance is something I throw a tantrum about when I’m tired, hungry, or just sick of whatever is taking up my time & energy.  I should do more creative art projects. I should read something deep & profound. I should have more carousing fun.  I should find balance in my life.  This romantic notion of having balance and living into it for extended periods of time just leads to a big pile of should at my feet.  Stinky.

The act of trying to “find” balance might also best be described as trying to catch a minnow with your bare hand at the edge of Lake Michigan on a windy day.  Okay, enough with the metaphors.  You know what I mean.

So, anyway – we’ll consider it all.  We’ll also do a whole bunch of yoga on the mat, which will hopefully help your body feel good, strong, light, and generally balanced out.  You will also spend 3 hours of quiet time once a month…that might feel like some balance for you too.

Please invite your friends & family.  But try not to SHOULD on anyone, please.

peace on your head,


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