You know that feeling when you wake up and realize that the cold you had for the last three weeks (and had convinced yourself would be with you the rest of your life) is finally gone and you feel GREAT?!  And as you walk around feeling so much better, you realize how seriously crappy you felt before.

This is exactly how I am feeling.  I gave birth to a wonderfully healthy little girl, Mabel, three weeks ago.  Once I started to really recover, I felt so good.  I felt so good, I was honestly giddy.   It was so nice to stand up, sit down, sleep, walk around, eat, think, talk out loud…EVERYTHING felt so much better.  And I realized that I was not just a melodramatic, whiny, crabby, slow-moving pregnant lady – I had been really miserable!  Getting that baby out flipped a switch in my body and mind, and thank God!

I know that this is all going to change and I will again have days and maybe even weeks when I just don’t feel well, for many reasons.  The challenge is to figure out how to flip the switch.  Or even FIND the switch.

Half the battle for me is recognizing that I sincerely don’t feel well or “right”, and not just assuming that being crabby and feeling crappy is my new normal that I and everyone around me will have to get used to.

In yoga we practice getting aware of how we feel in our bodies.  Where or how do you feel lethargy, excitement, impatience, strength, vulnerability, change, light, length….on and on.  And by practicing that awareness, we can get better at recognizing the subtle changes in our body, our mind, and our spirit, and maybe even noticing what might have caused a shift to happen.

This requires that we take some time to notice and consider how we are really feeling.  When I am in a bad funk I both dread people asking me how I am, and desperately need to be asked.  But, both the dread & desperate need in me are so sad and resistant to say how I am, even to my closest friends.

The Daily Bread Yoga Saturday morning retreats will be starting up again, the end of August.  No matter the topic or theme of the day, it is a chance to take a little time away to get some perspective, really ask & listen to how you are, rest, move and maybe from all that, feel a shift in your body, mind, and spirit, for the better.  — Know that all this shifting is mostly happening in the quiet of your own experience.  While there is plenty of conversation and reflection, you will not be asked to share with the group what is going on for you.  —

I hope you can make it.  If you have any questions for concerns, please let me know.  If you are in the midst of a funk, I pray you can see that it’s a funk and not forever…and I pray that you can feel a little shift start moving in you.

much peace on your head,


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