Getting on the other side without falling and breaking your back.

If you’re going through hell, keep going.   – Winston Churchill

Once upon a time I was going through a very difficult move.  A transition, if you will.  I was leaving a job & community that I loved, where people loved me back so much that they were quite sad/angry I was leaving.   I was excited about what was next for me, but I was also very sad.  And a little scared.  I knew where I was moving to, had a job, and a place to lay my head, but everything still felt insecure.  Meanwhile, the hard work of saying goodbye, packing up, and moving on was exhausting.  I was miserable.  Norah Jones has a song that begins with the perfect line, “Wake me up when it’s over”.  I played that song again and again and again, just for that first line.  It was exactly how I felt.  I just wanted to be on the other side of this time in my life.

I have no great words of wisdom about getting through difficult stretches like this other than my mantra “it will not be like this forever”.  But, it seems the only way to get through it is to actually go through it.  Sometimes life just is hard and that cannot be avoided or rushed.

So, you know where I am going with this – to the yoga mat.  It really is a fine place to practice and experiment with the shtuff going on in your life (especially if you are a metaphoraholic, like me).

For me, the all consuming work of transition in my life is found in trying to do a headstand.   You have to really focus, engage your core, keep breathing, and slowly draw your legs up; when you are already exhausted.  If you move too fast you’ll fall on your back.  If you are weighed down by fears and insecurity you won’t be able to pull your feet off the ground.  If and when you do get your legs in the air, you have to be especially present and engaged to stay up there!  And then ever so carefully you bring your legs down without crashing.  There is no place to rest, stop, or tune out in a headstand.  You have to keep shifting, adjusting, and most of all staying present.

I have no snazzy bow to wrap this story up.  Going through transitions can be very hard.  It’s like a headstand in that way.  That’s it.  🙂

For a morning full of such wisdom and wit, won’t you join me at the next Daily Bread Yoga Retreat??  Saturday, September 7th, 9a.m.-noon at the idyllic Philo Presbyterian Church.  Cost is $20.  Bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and a bottle of water.  If you are planning to come, please let me know so I can look forward to seeing you.  Please invite your friends & family!

peace on your head,


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