I subscribe to a blog called Unfolding Light, by Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes. Every morning – some days very early in the morning – I receive an email with a prayer, a poem, or some thoughts.  On many days I don’t even open the email, which I was reminded today is only my loss.  What he wrote today was a perfect prayer for my morning.  I am sure it could be a perfect prayer for tomorrow too, but who knows what new prayer or spark of love might drift my way…so I’ll just hold my door open wide.

Here is what he wrote today;  (please forgive my formatting…or lack of)

Your life is an open doorway where God enters the world.

What you say and do, what you notice, what you hold and set down, each is a portal.

The passage is best left open, not filled.

Fully formed opinions are of no use.  Nor are collections of little buttons, things you’ve done right.

Only the space to let God by and maybe a little of the breeze of heaven.

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