A couple months ago we had a retreat called, “If hope is a muscle, then…”.  It was a fascinating for me to look at hope as a muscle that I might; strengthen or weaken, injure from overuse, breaking, and misuse.  And more often than not, I just assume hope will keep on working for me even though I’m not intentionally using it, strengthening, or stretching it.  For me, I became aware that I wasn’t really activating my hope muscle.  And I was maybe confusing it with expectations.  I don’t like to be disappointed and there has been SO much disappointment and heartache in these days.

So, what if the hope that is in you is a muscle?  What condition is it in?  How are you stretching, strengthening, and supporting that muscle that is absolutely essential in maintaining life in you?

This Monday is Martin Luther King Day.  Most everyone has the day off.  How about you do something to exercise and empower the hope that is in you – make it a day ON!

Monday, January 18th, 9:30-10:45a.m. is the annual 🙂 Daily Bread Yoga MLK Day Yoga Love Raiser at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Prospect & Devonshire, Champaign).

This is a donation based class that welcomes EVERYONE.  Brand new and long-time yoga folks.  You who can wrap your foot around your head and you who delight in the expansiveness of Downward Facing Dog with a chair. Everyone is welcome because it’s the Showing Up that makes it a great yoga class, not the thousands of ways we do the poses.  We will get inspired and empowered to make a difference in the world because WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  And when we show up together and do yoga together – on purpose – that is the practice of building hope, community, light, love, all those good things.

So, let’s get together and Do Yoga For The Love Of All!  We will be gathering funds to support St. Matthew Lutheran Church (Urbana) and the important work and ministry they do with the Storybook Project; recording men & women currently in prison reading books to their children and the giving their children the book and the recording.  Learn more about Storybook Project!  It is made possible only through donations and volunteers, so let’s support them!  Please bring cash or make checks payable to “St. Matthew Lutheran Church” with Storybook Project in the memo line.  You are also encouraged to bring a high quality new or gently used children’s book.

Let’s practice hope.  Let’s get inspired together and feel lit up from it’s love for a few days or at least a couple hours.  If you know other people that need a little juice of light and life in their life – invite them.  Show Up.  You already make a difference, so you might as well make a difference for the better.

There will be babysitting if you are like me and need it or else.  If you could offer a few dollars to them that would be great. If you have older kids that can handle it – bring them to the yoga! If you need to borrow a mat, let me know – I’ll bring you one.  If you don’t have the means to give money and don’t have a book — come — the hope and energy you can offer will make all the difference in the world.  We NEED you there.

let me know if you are coming, not because you have to register but because it’s fun and exciting!  I love hearing from you and hope to see you Monday morning!

Peace on your head,


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