How did you spend Giving Tuesday?

No one ever became poor by giving.  Anne Frank

I saw a sign somewhere that today is “Giving Tuesday”.  There was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (and Sunday?), and Cyber Monday.  After all of your shopping options have been exhausted, now there are door-buster deals on giving to your favorite charity, who is begging and bartering for your attention.  I have to confess that it sounds kind of pitiful to me.  I wonder how many people this has inspired to give?

How is anyone motivated to be generous, help neighbors in need, or just simply be nice without the expectation that you get something in return?

Is that Elf on the Shelf helping kids or adults develop a sense of compassion, kindness, or generosity?  Do people only give to National Public Radio when they can get a canvas bag in return?  Could I support public school programs without having to buy  subscriptions to magazines I don’t want?  Would I?

I really hate all of the gimmicks and door prizes to cajole me into giving money.  I have almost no patience for using guilt or anything smelling of emotional manipulation to get me to do just about anything.  I really am not a complete selfish scrooge of a person and I don’t think I’m unique in my thoughts.

So, all that being said — what does it take for me to offer my strength, compassion, and resources where it is needed?  Can we be generous and loving and make sure that everyone has enough without Santa spying us, thank you gifts, or pictures of little kids with flies on their face?

We are talking Karma Yoga this Saturday at the Daily Bead Yoga retreat.  Karma; as in self-less action, generous living, offering of yourself without expectation or condition.  The cost is $20, but it would be cool if you gave more because all of the money is going to the Wesley Evening Food Pantry (here in Chambana) and The Prison Yoga Project.  There will be no thank you gift other than yoga itself.   I have no t-shirt for you.  Please bring your own water bottle.    I will provide some snacks so you don’t get hungry, but it is only 3 hours so you probably wont starve. This Saturday, 9a.m.-noon at Philo Presbyterian.  It will be great to spend the morning with you.

peace on your head,


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