If cobbler’s children have no shoes, then…uh oh.

Several years back, I met someone for coffee who I only knew because she was a regular in my yoga class.  We had become friends in class and seemed like we would be friends in “real life” too.  When I sat down with my cup of coffee (and most likely a cookie) she said she was a little surprised and relieved to see that I drank coffee.  She had thought I probably only drank green tea.    Obviously she thought that because I am such an  amazing  yoga instructor, you know, that I always feel so peaceful and serene; like green tea.  And I am free of all addictive substances like caffeine and sugar.  And cheeto’s.  I surely don’t stand in my kitchen with my hand in a bag of (all natural!) cheeto’s.

On Saturday, the retreat is all about balance.  Finding balance through your body, balancing on one leg or two, and of course finding/making/searching the junk drawer of life for that damn balance you know must be hidden in there somewhere.

This is one of those topics that I feel like a total sham for talking about.  If you ask my closest friends or my family members; does Rachel have a sense of balance in her life?  ugh.  Please don’t ask them.  Friends & family; let me beat you to the punch – no.   I think the notion of a balanced life is just that; a notion.  It’s like a horizon line that you aren’t ever going to reach, but you keep your eyes focused on for direction.

There are things you can’t reach.  But you can reach out to them, and all day long.      – Mary Oliver

This quote by Mary Oliver has been my mantra all week.  I don’t expect to ever be balanced and done.  I know that it’s always going to be a work in progress and a practice of balancing.  So, I will keep practicing and keep redirecting my feet in the general direction of balance, as far off as it might seem.

Point your feet in the direction of Philo Presbyterian Church in Philo, Illinois this Saturday, 9a.m.-noon.  $20 if that works for you and bring some extra cash for the Kiss My Asana yogathon supporting adaptive yoga programs.  Bring a yoga mat, if you have one, and a bottle of water.  If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

Peace on your head,



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