I’m doing 1 thing for 10 days. Join me?

The meditation mantra of the month is the word DHARANA; attention drawn in a single direction. It is single tasking. Single thinking. It is focus on just one thing. Not multi-focal or bi-focal, but uni-focal.

There are 10 more days to this month and this is what I’m doing with it.

  1. I’m praying/meditating/recalibrating with the mantra May Wisdom Guide & Hope Sustain, every day for 10 minutes at 6:20a.m. & 6:20p.m.  Why 6:20 you ask? Because I started doing it on June 20th (6-20, get it?) and I had to pick a time, so why not.

That’s It. My theory about prayer/meditation/shuttingup/recalibrating/whateveryoucallit is that it isn’t to change or redirect God’s mind or actions. I’M THE ONE who needs changing.  I’M THE ONE who needs redirection. I’M THE ONE who needs the swift kick in the behind, out of my complacent comfort zone.

Because I’m not comfortable here at all. Are You??? Can you even imagine being one of those parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles; the grown adults who were responsible for getting their children somewhere that they prayed desperately would be safer. Lord Have Mercy — I have to imagine that some parents will die from the very visceral heart-wrenching that they are enduring . And this trauma of tearing the roots out from under our children & cutting the branches, bursting with fruit, off of our adults has been happening for generations and generations. It is true that this did not start with this administration.

I do believe that prayer changes things & most significantly the one who does the praying. I know that I can’t repeat May Wisdom Guide & Hope Sustain for 10 minutes, twice a day for 10 days, and go unmoved. I’m opening up the possibility of being changed. I’m swinging wide the door to clean out my house of assumptions, judgments, fears, and ridiculous sense of powerlessness. May Wisdom Guide & Hope Sustain.

Why do I repeat the same thing over & over again, you ask? Because I have no idea what else to say or to do or how to repair such a tremendous breach in our human family. So, I’m just going to keep praying the same thing over & over. Without all my “great ideas” taking up my mental space, it opens up a super-highway of God’s mercy, love, compassion, kindness, grace, surprise; Who Knows What Might Show Up If I Shut Up?!

This is my practice of dharana; attention drawn in a single direction. I’m here. Showing up. Let me know how you intend to show up and draw your brilliant attention in a single direction, for the love of all things, for the next 10 days.

Do you want to practice this meditation mantra with me (us) too? What I really love about it is that it gives you something to do with your hands. Maybe this is why people find knitting, gardening, walking, etc. meditative & prayerful – it gives you something to do with your hands other than sit on them. hm….

As you repeat the mantra over & over (I set a timer on my phone so I don’t have to check the time compulsively) bring the pointer finger to the thumb on your left hand, and the right palm rests open, palm face up. I prefer to be somewhere quiet, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. There is no perfect time and no time without distractions, so let’s not let this stop us! Set an alarm for when you intend to say the mantra everyday and if you are in the middle of something that you can’t step away from,  say it a couple of times in your mind & get back to your meeting or concert or whatever amazing thing you are doing. How about we let this practice of prayer/meditation/recalibrating interrupt our daily life and see what happens?

Okay. That’s it. Big Hugs, You. If you do plan to do something with these next 10 awesome days — tell me! I’d love to hear and be encouraged!

Peace on your head,



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