The Meditation Mantra of the Month is SANTOSHA, which means contentment/acceptance/fruit of practice.  So, in one word, contentment = acceptance = fruit of practice.  That’s a big word. I want that word. I want to just get a little whiff of what ever is that fruit of practice. Contentment? Do we get to be “content”now? I would like contentment.  Am I the only one who feels like we’ve been told (a lot) that what we all need & want is passion? Passion in your work – your love life – your personal growth & human potential trajectory of Climbing All The Mountains To Be Climbed.  Contentment was for people lacking in energy & focus & the perfect day-planner.

Hello. My name is Rachel and I am not looking for passion in my life. I want contentment. That’s it.

I don’t think my desire for contentment is a sign that I am depressed and in need of a good motivational speaker. Please, no shouting or special diet or 10 INCREDIBLE steps to bring all the passion into my life. Thank you for thinking of me, but no thank you.

I want contentment. I want to feel settled in my skin, taking up the whole space of it without constriction or hollowness. I want that sensation of right effort; the sweet spot between effort & ease.

I want contentment. At the end of the day, I want to reflect back on how the day went with honesty & humility and then Go To Sleep.  At the end of the day, I want to look forward to the next day with curiosity and ease and then Go To Sleep.

I want to sleep well. That’s it.

I think contentment is kind of like a solar eclipse. You can’t stare at it directly or it will burn you up. You have to look at it sideways or at an angle. It’s just too much to seek contentment, directly. I think that’s why Fruit of Practice is the synonym. You don’t practice contentment; it’s the fruit of practice. And maybe we can’t even go into practice with the goal of finding contentment as if it is a fixed spot or tangible experience you can claim to have…that’s like looking directly at the sun. Don’t do it.

This month I invite/encourage/throw out the idea of Practicing Practice. Practice something for the sake of practicing. Come up with something just a little different out of your normal routine. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, but make sure that it is something kind, or patient, or pleasant. Something that is generally benevolent to you and others. Commit to doing that little something different everyday, best that you can. Maybe it is going for a walk. Writing a postcard. Sweeping the floor. I don’t know what.

You could do a 10 minute Chairish (sitting/standing) Yoga & meditation practice with me. I recorded a 10 minute daily practice called The 5 Chambanas. It’s a delightful and absolutely doable daily practice because it is so little. It’s 10 minutes of some breathing, meditation (I’m talking the whole time – I promise not to leave you alone too long with your wacky thoughts), and 5 gentle yoga poses that just feel good. I make no threats or promises of it changing your life, transforming your body, or bringing passion into your life. I know some of you will be very concerned about doing it “right” & demand I take pictures or make a video. Unfortunately for you, I’m not at all concerned about you doing it right. Not that I don’t care, but I don’t care about that. You will do it right every time you actually Do It. Once you get used to the sound of my voice you  will hopefully be able to flow through it easily enough, doing it just as you have made it work for you. But, you do have to do it.

During the month of November (which is now?!?) I am selling The 5 Chambanas audio file for $15. (<—Click on those blue words to go right to it. Or hop over to the Store on This Website) $10 of every audio file purchased in November will go to support the really important community service & outreach work of the seven Partner Congregations of Daily Bread Yoga. So, if you don’t live in Champaign-Urbana, yes, you are supporting really good work of some really wonderful faith communities. Thank You. You will be sent an email where you will click “download”. I would recommend downloading on your phone so you can have it with you…and then it will show up where your music is on your phone…I think? Or download it to wherever you think it will work best for you so that you actually Practice/Do It/Show Up.

If you decide to do another kind of practice…I’d love to hear about it. Whatcha doing?

If you want to start practicing yoga with me, great! Beginning Yoga 5 week series starts next Monday, November 12th, 7-8:15p.m. at Wesley United Methodist Church (Green & Goodwin). We will cover the basic concepts of the Big Practice of Yoga and get you comfortable with the most common poses and sequences of a yoga (vinyasa-flow style) class. You need to be able to get up and down from the floor with relative ease. If that is not you right now, I have plenty of other classes for you! Each class is $10, or you can buy a 5 class pass for $40. These 5 class passes are only good for the Monday night 5 week series – there will be more in the winter/spring!

And there is always the Saturday Morning Retreat on November 17th! 9a.m. – noon at Philo Presbyterian Church. The cost is $30 — OR — you can buy 4 retreats (to share with friends or use over a year) for $100. You can pay cash or check that day or you can always buy the retreat online too. The theme of the November 17th retreat is Grateful Despite. It will not be like a Made-For-TV-Movie about thanksgiving, I promise. It’s a great morning. Just trust me. If you are planning to come please email me ASAP at

I pray that you can get a good whiff of contentment.

Peace on your head, you. I do mean it.






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