Please stop shoulding on the yoga.

If I had a nickle for every time someone has said to me, “I really should do yoga…”, I would be a crazy rich lady.  It is said so often that I think shoulddoyoga can be considered a compound word and added to the list of legitimate words to be used in Scrabble.  A 12 letter word? That would be awesome!

If not used in reference to oneself shoulddoyoga  is also thrown around in the direction of a friend or relative, such as; “Hey, best-friend, you look like you got hit by a dump-truck of stress!  Girl, you really shoulddoyoga.”

I am a real live yoga instructor and I am all about people doing yoga.  But, for the love of God and all angels, please stop shoulding on the yoga.

Please stop shoulding on yourself and others, in general.  It is not inspiring you or anyone else.  I would say that it is rather deflating, actually.  It takes all the fun and zip out of yoga and makes it akin to vacuuming.

There is a lot to learn and love about yoga.  When I first started to really go deeper into yoga I was blown away by all the tiny and big ways my practice grew in my life.   It isn’t so much about having flexible hamstrings or standing on your head.  But, feeling a little more physically comfortable from increased strength & flexibility is definitely a perk of yoga.  More than anything, I love having something to do – something to practice.  In yoga-speak the word “santosha” means contentment & the fruits of practice.  So, it’s the actual practice of yoga, the contentment that happens, and the gratitude from having something “to do” with myself — that’s the best thing of all.  It’s even better than wearing yoga pants and no socks.  For real.

Next week I’m offering two opportunities for yoga beginners.  When I say “beginner” I mean many things.  Maybe you relate to one of these meanings? 1.  You have never, ever done yoga in your biological life on earth  2.  You feel overweight and out of shape and are completely intimidated by yoga.  3. You have done some yoga with a Rodney Yee video while folding clothes and changing diapers & wondered what the heck he was honestly doing. 4. You feel far too old, but everyone and Dr. Oz has told you to start doing yoga and you believe them.  5.  You want to try yoga.  6. You have been doing yoga for a while but want to slow down and learn the poses a little better.

If any of those reasons sound like you, please reply to this blog post or email me at  If you have some other reasons why you are interested and a beginner – let me know.

Here’s the beginner classes coming up;

Fundy Yoga

  • Feb. 27th – March 27th, Thursdays, 7-8:30p.m.
  • 5 week series to learn the fundamentals of yoga.
  • $50, to be paid the first class
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Champaign (Prospect @ Devonshire)

Beginner’s Retreat

  • Saturday, March 1st, 9a.m.-noon
  • Learn the basics of yoga so that you can comfortably participate in other yoga classes and retreats.
  • $20, if that works for you.
  • Philo Presbyterian Church, Philo (2 blocks off High Cross Rd)

Maybe we’ll see you later?  Or maybe not.  It’s all good.  No worries & no shoulding.

Peace on your head,


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