Show Up Yoga starts in January

She interpreted discipline as doing what was possible with consistency.  – Judith Lasater, Living Your Yoga


Starting in January I will be offering a gentle yoga practice exclusively for people who are living with cancer.  While I’m confident that everyone will be wonderfully kind and supportive people, it will not be a “support group”.  We will practice yoga together, and more than anything, practice discipline as the quote above describes; doing what is possible with consistency.  To me that means showing up, day by day, as best you can.  So, that will be the name of the class – “Show Up Yoga”.

It is only for people living with cancer so that the cancer doesn’t actually have to be explained, exposed, or the focus of attention, but more a basic understanding among the group.  It will be a 45 minute chair-based yoga practice; full of stretching, strengthening, balancing, breath work, and quiet meditation.  It will not be different than other classes I teach.  There will not be any cancer specific poses or meditations.   While I expect we will chat, catch-up, and get to know each other, it will not be a talk-therapy, support group.

It will “simply” be a yoga practice for you to feel connected, whole, and good in mind, body, and spirit.  And a large part of the mysterious blessing that is a yoga class is doing it with other people.  It feels better to do it in community.  It somehow works better in community.  So, it will make a huge difference to everyone else in the class that you Show Up.

I hope to start offering the class Wednesdays, 10:45-11:30a.m., beginning January 7th,  at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Prospect & Devonshire).  The class will be ongoing and you will not need to register.

I’m telling you now so that you can think about it, talk about it with someone you love, and have some time to decide to show up.  Maybe pass it on to someone you know who is living with cancer.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  I love hearing from you.  Reply here or email me at

Peace and a warm hat on your head,



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