The “real” yoga instructor will be with you soon…


I often feel different than other yoga instructors.  And by different I mean, not a real yoga instructor.  I hear about other instructors who give amazing anatomy lessons woven into the class, have an always changing play list, lead everyone in a powerful round of “ohm”, or maybe offer a dynamic blend of aromatherapy. That all sounds wonderful – like a yoga class should be.

While I know all the basic body parts, I couldn’t give anatomy lessons in class. I don’t chant – not even the basic “ohm”- because I’m pretty darn self-conscious of anything that is sort of like singing. The unique sensory experiences I offer are the occasional church office phone ringing, scents leftover from a church potluck, and maybe the meditative sight and sound of a garbage truck moving from house to house, early in the morning.

Then there is how I feel about me, my body, and the kind of yoga that I do.  I worry that someone will ask me (again) when I’m due; mistaking my rounded mid-section for a pregnant belly. I don’t feel cool or exotic enough. I don’t teach at a real yoga studio. I teach in church buildings with coffee-stained industrial carpet. While I can do a portion of these poses and will keep trying, I will never look like this woman.


But, enough about me — what about YOU?!

Maybe you like to jog, but you’re not a real runner? Or maybe you love scrapbooking, making jewelry, gardens, or quilts; but you’re not a real creative person, let alone an artist?  I myself write on this blog, but I’m not a real writer. See how this game  works? Now you play. What are you “just piddling around” with, but are not a real _______ ?  Hm…interesting.

This Saturday is the next Daily Bread Yoga retreat.  You will be invited to get up in your own business… We’ll be doing yoga and having a sampler platter of the book & 12 week series “The Artist’s Way”.  You aren’t an artist and you don’t do “real” yoga?  Thank goodness. Me neither.   The retreat is 9a.m.-noon at Philo Presbyterian Church (it has a hardwood floor and is honest to goodness lovely).  The cost is $20, if that works for you. Please bring a yoga mat (or borrow one from me), a blanket (to put under your head, knees, or cuddle up under), and a bottle of water (to drink). And please let me know if you are coming – and how many friends you are bringing – so I can be excited to see you, like Santa Claus.

Peace on your head, you.





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