Before I had my first daughter I learned in parenting classes about the amazing trick of swaddling your baby to help them calm down and relax.  Regardless of whether you have had a child or not, you really must watch this remarkable video below on how to swaddle your baby, using a dog as the baby. I think it will lower your blood pressure and clear up any  adult acne, it is such a delightful video.

This is a wonderful instructional video of how to properly swaddle your baby.

It didn’t make any sense to me, initially. It looks like a straight jacket and what if they are claustrophobic or need to scratch an itch?  But, after watching other helpful videos of screaming babies with flailing arms truly calm down and a wave of relief come across their face — I got it.

When my classes has 4 or less people in it I offer to adjust their arms and legs during the final resting pose called savasana (the one where you just lie on your back). I lengthen their legs a little and press gently on their shins.  I lay my hands on their shoulders and put my hands around the back of their head. I’m not actually moving or adjusting their body much at all. I’m more giving them cues, through my gentle touch, to settle into their body and rest. I can often feel their body sink down with relief underneath my fingertips. I’ve had this done to me as well, and I know how good it can feel. You think you are totally relaxed and then someone gives the slightest touch and reference to your arms and you release. It’s like the swaddle.

I found this very peculiar video of adults being swaddled.  Eeeks. While I’m not sure I am up for that, I know that I love being tucked in under the covers. A good strong hug is a bajillion times more wonderful than a weak, loosey-goosey one. There is something about swaddling that helps us feel safe and secure, so that we can rest.

The next Daily Bread Yoga Saturday Morning Retreat is this Saturday, 9a.m.-noon, at Philo Presbyterian Church, in lovely Philo. We are going to talk about Self Care. There will be absolutely No Shoulding Allowed – to yourself and especially not anyone else. You will not hear “You should do yoga”. You will not hear “You should wake up early and drink green tea while you write in your journal.”.  I will not be swaddling, at all. But, we are going to take some time to consider what are the dimensions in our life that feel (in body, mind, spirit) like we are flailing our arms in search of something to settle into…like the swaddling.  Where are we lacking boundaries in our life to feel safe and at ease? And we are going to be doing the physical practice of yoga the whole time, because I often understand something in my body before my mind makes sense of it. So, that’s the plan. Want to come?

This retreat will be a donation based class to give thanks for the wonderful partnership and hospitality of Philo Presbyterian Church and support the great social ministry that they do. The cost of the retreat is $20, but please give more if you can to support Philo Pres.  And always, please tell me that you are coming so that I can look forward to seeing you. Register by emailing me at dailybreadyoga@gmail.com. I hope to see you soon!

Peace on your head,


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