The threat of A Day Without Women.

When I think back through my life to everybody that I owe, I mean the ones I can remember… Of course I know that I owe these folks, and that they owe some other folks, these are in debt to others, and all of us owe everybody. The amount that we owe is all that we have.  – woody guthrie

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s also Day Without A Woman day. Women were encouraged to strike from their paid or unpaid labor.  A day without women sounds like a cruel and horrible nightmare. It sounds frightfully lonely, cold, and sad. I would absolutely hate it. That would be the worst day ever.

Without women in my life, I would have to care for and raise my daughters all by myself. Dear God, NO. I am so exceptionally grateful for the women who are paid (not enough) to teach my two young daughters. I am grateful that I am not the only person giving and teaching them love, respect, and encouragement. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to be a mom without these women. I need them to be a better mom and human being, in general.

As a woman with a strange business model (for lack of a better term) I am endlessly grateful for all the women and men who keep investing in me. I am SO grateful every single time you show up for class. I am awed and humbled by the friends and neighbors you invite and drag along with you. I am inspired by the generous faith communities that partner with me, which make Daily Bread Yoga possible at all. I am grateful that they vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms, and pay for the heat, the lights, the a.c.. Thank You So Much. If women didn’t show up and only did yoga with dvd’s in their house, if they didn’t invite their friends, or if churches didn’t trust a non-traditional pastor teaching yoga — I would have nothing.

The “threat” of a day without a woman inspires me to get out of the house and hug every woman I see! You have to know that you are essential. That you are making a huge difference right where you are. Keep showing up. Please, for the love of all things, do not stay home! We need to have you be part of it all!

At the end of every class I say “Know that it makes a difference that you are here.”. I mean it! A day without YOU and your unique fashion, that look in your eye, the stories you tell, that you laugh at my jokes — do not go away. Please keep showing up. It makes all the difference in the world that you are here.

peace on your head,


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