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I know I said I was going to do the WorkIn every Wednesday and now it is Thursday. I met a friend for a holy walk in the woods yesterday. I’m getting the work done today, for WedUrsday WorkIn. So, here goes. Let’s do the work.

The quote for week 4 of Avidya (smudged perception/misperception) is this doozy by Carl Jung.

When the unconscious is not made conscious it is perceived as fate.

– Carl Jung

This is why it has to be stated out loud, on school buildings, on highway billboards. BLACK LIVES MATTER. BLACK LIVES ARE SACRED.

All I can think about is the fact that 3 police officers shot into Breonna Taylor’s apartment while she was sleeping and killed her. They had the wrong apartment. She was sleeping. One officer has been charged with “wanton endangerment” of Taylor’s neighbors. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

When the unconscious is not made conscious it is perceived as fate. If the unconscious is that Black lives don’t really matter than it can be tolerated and assumed that it is Just The Way Things Are that Breaonna Taylors murder took the whole world rising up to say it’s wrong — and then the judge is worried not about the bullets that killed her, but endangered her neighbors? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Are Sacred.

I don’t want to lose my anger, but I feel stuck in it right now. I feel stuck in disgust and disbelief at who We Have Become. So, this is the practice today to move me thru and beyond feeling stuck. I will do 3 rounds of the ‘You Are My Sunshine Salutation”. In between each round I will do 3 minutes of mantra mediation using the mantra “Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Are Sacred.” ***I’m going to sing You Are My Sunshine for dear Breonna. I can only fathom the physical and emotional suffering she has endured for the last several months — and now THIS.

I’m not thinking that this is going to change the world or that I’m risking, sacrificing a single hair on my head in this practice. This is a practice to empower me to get out of the helpless stuck feeling, to feel connected and In Love with Breonna and her family, and to act out of this love. Feeling distraught and disgusted does the world no good. So, let’s move on to something more powerful and guided by a commitment to love.

  • Here’s The Practice
  • – 3 rounds of You Are My Sunshine Salutation 
  • – 3 minutes mantra meditation of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Are Sacred, after each round.

Notice how this feels. How does this affect your heart and mind to not “settle down” but FEEL MORE deeply into this tragedy? Does it move you beyond feeling stuck and helpless? Tell me – I want to know. We can’t do this alone. We have to talk about it and feel it too.

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