What the troll forgot to tell Elsa.

Happy National Superhero Day!  Who invented this national holiday? Who knows, but I’ll play along.


I have been thinking lots of dear Queen Elsa — or actually poor Princess Elsa.  Have you seen the movie Frozen yet or maybe 75 times? Elsa was born with an incredible gift; a superpower of manifesting nasty weather.  This superpower was all fun and games until it got out of her control and she hurt her younger sister, Anna. Elsa accidentally struck Anna’s head with her powerful frozen energy or something like that.

Their parents take the two sisters to the wise Grandpoppy Troll, who heals Anna and transforms all their memories of playing together in the snow so it doesn’t include any of Elsa’s magical powers.

And then he scares the superpowers out of Elsa, as if she wasn’t ashamed enough already for hurting her beloved sister.  Grandpoppy Troll tells her that her powers can make great beauty, but they can also cause tremendous harm (obviously).  The Troll warns her to control her powers and I think he even went so far as to tell Elsa, “fear will be your enemy”.  Seriously, dude. How is that helpful?  This is kind of like saying “whatever you do, don’t think about pink bunnies!”.  67586-little-chubby-pink-rabbit And so, Elsa’s parents isolated themselves and their superpowered daughter away, in fear.

The parents taught Elsa to suppress her powers, hide them from everyone, including herself.  They were so confused and thought that by suppressing her emotions and isolating her that they could control her power.  They taught her the self-sabotaging mantra; “conceal – don’t feel – don’t let them know”.  The most pitiful scene of the movie is when she has heard that her parents have died. She is alone in her room and it is frozen over with her grief.  Ugh.

What that darn troll didn’t tell Elsa and her parents was that in order to control her powers, she needed to learn how to use them.  Elsa needed to train her amazing gift like an opera singer trains her voice, so that she can control it; choosing when to be loud, quiet, deep, smooth, sharp.  Tragically, Elsa was only taught to fear it and be ashamed of her gift, and then it controlled her.

Without any chance to feel a range of emotions and it be okay, Elsa never knew that her powers could be as beautiful and life-giving as they could be destructive.  She never knew the full range of her powers.  Until of course, Anna puts her frozen self in front of Hans’ sword to save Elsa.  – Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart –  Anna’s love for Elsa thaws her own frozen heart and it dawns upon Elsa that LOVE THAWS.  Love!

Do you have control over your unique, superpowered voice like an opera singer or a clumsy toddler?  The next yoga retreat theme is Becoming Pro-Voice.  We are going to use the practice of yoga, some sweet quiet, and conversation to listen for our own true voice. The yoga mat is a safe place to practice new ideas, thoughts, and feelings; to train and refine your voice.  And it will be fun.  And interesting.  And there will be good snacks.  And lots of spirit rejuvenating, brain clarifying, body opening yoga.  That sounds alright, huh?

Saturday, May 9th, 9a.m.-noon at Philo Presbyterian Church. $20  Bring your own mat, a bottle of water, and a small blanket or towel.  If you need to borrow a mat, let me know and I can bring one for you.  Please register by emailing me (Rachel) at dailybreadyoga@gmail.com.  And for the love of all things, invite your friends and family.

Peace on your head,


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