What’s in the bag? Still holding on to those emails? Me too. No judgement here.

This Saturday, Oct. 11th, 9a.m.-noon is the fall Daily Bread Yoga retreat at Philo Presbyterian, in Philo, IL.  The theme is “Make Like a Leaf & Let Go!”. Through the practice of yoga and personal reflection we are going to take a peek into our baggage & consider all the stuff we  carry around; expectations, grief, resentment, fear, shame, who knows what else.  It would be convenient if the retreat would be a spa-like exorcism  of all those demons that haunt, or all that regret we just can’t shake.  For better or worse, the retreat Will Not resemble a spa-like exorcism.   I can’t even guarantee that you will “let go” of a single thing.  Whenever I look in my baggage I end up rediscovering so much crap-ola I thought I got rid of long ago, and yet – huh?! – there it is again.

The practice of forgiveness, releasing control, or letting go is a life-long practice.  I don’t think you ever “finish” forgiveness.  I definitely know that loosening my grip of control over areas of my life is a moment by moment activity that takes a serious force of will.  If there was an exorcism that would make letting go of anything a one-time deal, it would have to be  like the great movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where the main characters choose to have the memory of their broken relationship completely erased from their brain so they don’t have to remember the pain, hurt, regret, disappointment, or anything at all.

Instead, the work of forgiving myself and others, recognizing and letting go of expectations or assumptions, is like washing dishes.  Just as soon as I am so self-satisfied for finishing a sink-full of dishes I had been putting off, more dirty dishes appear.  It’s a practice.  And practice doesn’t make perfect; practice is perfect.

So, that’s the plan for this Saturday.  I’m pretty sure that it will also be more fun than this might make it sound, okay?  And we will be doing a morning full of yoga so you will feel refreshed & rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit.

If you plan on coming, let me know so that I can look forward to seeing you.  And tell me how many friends you are bringing. 🙂 9a.m.- noon at Philo Presbyterian Church, Philo, IL.  Just off High Cross Rd.  Bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water.  Cost is $20.  You would spend more than that on treats at the farmers market, right? It’s a deal.

much peace on your head,


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