Special Events

The community of Daily Bread Yoga embodies the conviction that everyone deserves access to better health & wellness by hosting several Yoga Love Raisers throughout the year to support local organizations that provide essential services to people in need, and the DBY Partner Congregations that serve the wider community in countless ways.
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” –
- Mahatma Gandhi

Upcoming Events & Rachel’s Preaching Schedule


4 / Saturday       Saturday Morning Retreat @ Philo Presbyterian
5 / Sunday         RBG preaching @ Lutheran Church of Mahomet
12 / Sunday       RBG preaching @ Lutheran Church of Mahomet
26 / Sunday       RBG preaching @ Good Shepherd Lutheran, Chmpn.

2/ Sunday         RBG Preaching @Grace Lutheran Church, Champaign
8/Saturday      Yoga in the Park, 9a.m., Meadowbrook Park on Windsor Rd., FREE
9/Sunday          RBG preaching @ Lutheran Church of Mahomet
30/Sunday       RBG preaching @ Lutheran Church of Mahomet

Annual Events

Grateful Despites Thanksgiving Meditation

In the month of November start a daily practice of the “5 Chambanas”, a 10-minute Chairish yoga & meditation practice that Rachel has recorded. You will receive this audio file when you donate $30 ($1 for each day in November) or whatever works for you to invest in the Partner Congregation’s Emergency Fund. Faith communities receive MANY requests for emergency financial assistance every week. From this fund they help people buy bus passes, emergency housing, school lunches, and more than you can imagine. Your practice of the Grateful Despites will make a difference in your life and others. Contact Rachel if you would like to participate, rachel@dailybreadyoga.life .

MLK Day Yoga Love Raiser

This is the “original” Yoga Love Raiser, started years ago, as a way to do SOMETHING on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We gather to practice community & embody the hope that is in us. Both classes on MLK Day (3rd Monday in January) will have a special focus on Martin Luther King Jr. and the practices of hope, community, and compassion. These classes are donation only, supporting the food pantries of the DBY Partner Congregations. It is always an inspiring & empowering morning of yoga. Everyone is welcome. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 9 -10:15a.m. – mat based, flowing yoga or 10:45-11:30a.m. – Chairish yoga.

The Big Yoga Tampathon!

During the month of February we gather feminine hygiene products for the DBY Partner Congregations food pantries & the local high schools (Champaign/Urbana) food pantries because tampons, pads, and yeast infection cream are not often available there – but we understand that everyone desperately needs them in order to go to school, work, and just have basic dignity. That’s It. Feminine hygiene products are collected during classes and retreats. If you would like to donate money or supplies but can’t get to a class, contact rachel@dailybreadyoga.life.

Contact Rachel for more information about Daily Bread Yoga partnering with your community organization.